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Are My Symptoms Normal in Network Chiropractic?


After a Network Chiropractic (NSA) adjustment, or when using Somatic Respiratory Integration (SRI) exercises at home, you may experience something “abnormal”. This could be a surge of energy, unfamiliar sensations or emotions, pain moving to a different area or returning in a different way, forgotten memories surfacing, a change in their relationships, an irresistible urge to do something out-of-character, synchronicities, and more. When a patient experiences these “symptoms” they always ask me, “Is this normal?” In pretty much all cases (with a few exceptions of course), my answer is, “Absolutely!”

Some people are relieved by this answer, yet some seem nervous or frustrated, leading me to realize everyone’s definition of normal is not one in the same.


One of the most common definitions of normal is average. For instance, on average, 1 out of every 2 people in the United States dies of heart disease or cancer [1], and the average American has a shorter life span in comparison to the average native in 38 other countries [2]. This definition of normal is NOT what I want you to use.

Rather than striving to be average, we actually need to be extraordinary. We need to stop trying to fit in with what’s considered normal and start enriching our lives with new and exciting experiences. Take something that is seen as out-of-character and turn it into a new norm for your life. Grab that microphone at the next karaoke bar, zip line across a valley on a Saturday afternoon, and accept that job offer across the country. Make these experiences and thrills the norm so that your body welcomes extraordinary with open arms and doesn’t fight to be “normal” aka average.


Many things happen in Network Chiropractic Care that seem unusual, but are natural expressions of health – the experiences of a human being with a healthy spine, an adaptable nervous system, and an embodied connection to who they really are. Since these experiences can be somewhat foreign, our mind triggers a defense response that acts as a block to the sensory receptors in our body so we aren’t even fully able to process the sensations to begin with.

Knowing this, we can target specific areas of the spine and body to help trigger physical and emotional pressures allowing us to learn more about the body and how a healthy spine contributes to greater health, well-being, and happiness.

This is the very thing we’re aiming for as we progress through the NetworkSpinal Levels of Care and SRI Stages of Healing. Each stage invites new experiences and sensations in the body so that we are more in-tune with our health and day-to-date functional movements.


As we progress through the spinal analysis, we want to make sure you’re accountable to the “new normal.” Your body is allowed to feel more mobile and pain-free. You are allowed to be in-tune with your emotions, more present in your relationships, and more focused at work. This can become your new standard – to feel this way every day, so that every day is extraordinary.

For example, when you have a precise stretch of a specific spinal level, aka “Spinal Gateway” (NSA Level 2A), and are moving through SRI Stages 2 and 3, you will start to experience a greater range of movement, improved nerve adaptability, and increased emotional expression. Because of this, a healthy expression of life may now begin to feel uncomfortable and abnormal, whereas you didn’t even notice that before.


Not everything is something that’s a healthy part of our life. Some new experiences are not signs of growth, but warning signs of breakdown. This is why, when faced with an abnormal experience – especially when it’s painful, uncomfortable, or just plain unusual – consider it is a teaching opportunity. These symptoms are a red flag indicating something needs fixed ASAP. Ask yourself, “What is this telling me about my current normal?” It may no longer be working for you. “Where do I need to upgrade my normal?” Symptoms can guide us towards what needs to improve. Lastly, “How can I live up to my new normal?” Basically, it actually SHOULD hurt if we’ve dropped the ball, so let’s find what got left out or forgotten so you can ENJOY where you are now!

You are invited to higher orders of health and quality of life as the health of your spine and nervous system improves across the levels of care and stages of healing. There will be very normal challenges associated with developing and sustaining your new levels of well-being. Progressive stages of new and higher-order normality’s are a true sign of health, indicating growth and adaptation to our environment.

Our goal is that your spine allows you access to the best possible level of health and well-being, providing you with an abundance of energy and positivity to make that new level, well… normal!


[1] Deaths: Final Data for 2007
[2] List of Countries by Life Expectancy

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