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Corporate Education / Lunch & Learn Program in Worthington

presenting to group of employeesWe are a group of health care professionals that have a keen interest in teaching local businesses and community groups about making proactive wellness choices. We do this by offering wellness workshops and health screenings, as well as addressing current and vital health topics. We feel that is it the foundation of what health care should be about -making educated decisions. Healthy people make healthy choices. These educational opportunities are a great way to lower health risks, boost morale and develop a healthy team atmosphere! The result would be a lifestyle change towards healthy living without the use of drugs nor surgery!

These presentations can last anywhere from 15-30 minutes (your choice) plus an opportunity for Q&A. We have a highly qualified team of doctors that will be presenting and answering all the challenging questions. At the end of the presentation, the doctor will end with a short overview of services that he and/or she may provide to promote wellness. If a participant is interested in learning more about the presentation topic of about the doctor, time may be available afterward. There is no obligation, no products will be sold at the event, there is no cost to the organization nor the participants, and lunch is always on us!

You’ll receive information about a cutting-edge chiropractic approach, with a team-driven practice that supports the nervous system by providing NetworkSpinal Chiropractic Care. The Intrinsic team has your back!

You are cordially invited to connect, explore the details and make arrangements for your FREE lunch and learn. A healthier team will definitely support you and the growth of your business! What would it feel like to have a team that’s adaptive, responsive and expressing health, with an upgraded human operating system?

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Let’s connect and chat about the wellness education opportunities that are available for you! There are a limited number available, so call (614) 396-6945 right now to take advantage of yours!


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