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Pediatric Chiropractic in Worthington

Adjusting child on tableAt Intrinsic Care Chiropractic, we love working with children from the moment they’re born. By optimizing nervous system function through gentle, precise NetworkSpinal adjustments, we can help your baby get off to a great start in life.

Our Gentle Approach to Care

For kids aged 0-4, we do a simplified examination that includes our painless, non-invasive spinal nerve scans. Over age four, we’ll do our full examination. Then Dr. Rylie or Dr. Brandy will design a care plan specifically for your child’s needs. Children respond quickly to NetworkSpinal adjustments, because they don’t have the decades of accumulated stress that adults have.

There is nothing scary about NetworkSpinal adjustments, so kids love to come see us once they figure out we’re not the doctor who gives shots. We use a precise, gentle touch that restores the nervous system with no twisting, cracking or popping. And there are no scary adjusting instruments around here. All of our adjustments are hands-on.

Doctor talking to family

Reasons to See Us

Parents bring their kids in for many reasons, including behavior issues, chronic health concerns like asthma, and common childhood ailments like colic. And many parents who already practice members with us simply want to help their child maximize their potential in every area of life.

With NetworkSpinal, we can help your child maintain a healthy-functioning nervous system that adapts appropriately to stressors. When their nervous system works properly, kids can handle the challenges of life with greater ease, grow and develop faster and easier, and resist the common illnesses their classmates fall ill with.

Many parents tell us that after receiving care with us, their children seem different from their classmates, as though they’re operating and living at a higher level. We love helping kids get the most out of life now, while also setting them up for the best possible outcome in the future.

When we address the underlying or primary issue—nervous system dysfunction—the secondary issues begin to unravel themselves. Kids bounce back from physical and emotional health problems quickly with our approach to care.

The First Appointment

When you schedule an appointment for your child, we’ll email you a link to complete our online new patient paperwork. Parents should complete this for younger children.

Some kids are apprehensive about chiropractic care, and that’s fine! We’ll never push or force a child to do anything. Our office is fun and homey, and kids generally relax after a few minutes and become curious about adjustments. But if they don’t, we’ll just get to know them, build up rapport with them, and reschedule the adjustment for another day. We’ll always let them set the tone.

Get Care for the Family Today

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