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Classes at Intrinsic Care Chiropractic

August 18th | 6:30PM EST

Advanced Class: Your Spine and Your Mind

“If the body is stiff that is understandable. But if the mind is also stiff then you can’t get anywhere. The mind has to become flexible.” – Geeta Iyengar

Your spine is a VERY big picture indeed. Join us in navigating the integrated network of how your body affects your mind. Discover the process happening “behind the scenes” so that you can transform your health, your mind, and your life.

  • The physical and energetic process BEHIND every one of your thoughts and choices!
  • What matters to you… really? Discover how your spinal health affects your VALUES!
  • How your FOCUS can create Hell or health
  • Who are you, and who do you want to be? Discover how who your SPINE thinks you are determines how healthy (or sick) you are…and what to do about it!

Come learn how to get more from your care and take your process deeper. This is a complimentary workshop that you DON’T WANT TO MISS!

September 1st | 6:30PM EST

Have You Ever Wondered?

Have you ever wanted to pick Dr. Matthew’s brain? Well now you can! Bring us your questions, your curiosities, your burning desires.

Dr. Matthew will spend an evening exploring these themes and more at “Have You Ever Wondered…?”

October 6th | 6:30PM EST

Advanced Class: Your Spine and Your Mind

“Identify your problems, but give your power and energy to solutions.” – Tony Robbins

Healing requires facing who you have become and making your best better.

As you embody the principles of DISCOVER, you realize that we all get stuck sometimes. Even if you totally heal your body and emotions, your stuck habits and stress coping patterns can either:

  • Quickly rebuild the same pain, distortion, and dysfunction, or…
  • Propel you beyond “stuck” into courage, confidence, and transformation!

Being stuck is an essential part of healing and transformation…if you choose to TRANSFORM. Come learn how to turn stress into a more resilient body and sharper mind, how to step beyond your limits into the unknown of transformation, and how to outgrow your problems and resolve the need to rebuild them.

You will learn Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) skills for the rhythms of TRANSFORM (Stages 4-7).

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