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Your Body’s Command Center

You may think that adjusting the bones using chiropractic care is the primary objective. It’s important to know that bones are a passive system. They’re moved by other parts of your body, anatomy and physiology. And muscles don’t move themselves, so they can’t be primary. They’re responding to orders from something else.

What engages those muscles to move your body, as well as engages every other part of you, is your nerve system, or the body’s command center. The nerve system is the primary system that controls and coordinates every aspect of your physical body—
your organs, glands, chemistry, emotions, thoughts, and your ability to show up as a social human.

Adjusting the Nerve System

So rather than adjusting the bones as a primary problem, we look at how you actually adjust the nerves, so they can better adjust every part of you. That’s why, rather than using high force, with NetworkSpinal, we use gentle touch. You can think of it more like working with a touch screen than using a sledge hammer.

NetworkSpinal uses light touches to the spine, primarily in the neck and sacral (lower) regions. These light touches help unravel stored tension and trauma within the spine and nervous system, cueing your nerve system to shift into healing and growth.

Unlike bones and muscles, nerves learn, and as they learn, they can learn to better sustain a higher state of health. As nerves learn, they can also go to extra levels where they can learn how to better adapt to stress proactively.

Suitable for All Ages

NS can be tailored to people from any walks of life, depending on what’s going on with their health. Drs. Rylie and Brandy have used the method on a spectrum of patients, from newborn babies to 90-year-olds to corporate CEOs looking for an extra edge.

Making Stress Work for You

At Intrinsic Care Chiropractic, we doesn’t teach patients how to manage stress, but instead help their nervous system learn how to use stress. “That way, the stuff that threw you off becomes a fuel source; you get stronger from it.”

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