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Somato Respiratory Integration in Worthington

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While you can’t take the chiropractor home with you, there are effective tools you can use to keep the healing process going, so that when you get off the adjusting table, you can help yourself, your body, and nerve system. We offer that tool in the form of Somato Respiratory Integration.

Taking Your Care Home with You

“If the results in NetworkSpinal are the baby, SRI is the midwife that helps catalyze it.” It’s the way you can actually take your care home with you. Just like with NS, there are different stages to support wherever you are in the process.

Whether you’re in a bad state and need to get better, whether you’re in a good state and want to get better, or whether you want to build the best in you, SRI can help you.

The tool was specifically designed for the kind of chiropractic care you have to help you get the best results. “This amazing tool helps you discover the rhythms of your body, to start actually deciphering the language of your body, so that whatever symptom, signal, sensation or emotion it’s given you, you can develop a partnership with your body.”  The tool helps you get a sense of what your body is trying to tell you.

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Partnering With Your Body

This tool completely takes the fear out of what’s coming up in your body and makes it an adventure in healing, so that you can get a sense of, “This is what my body tells me when I need to rest more,” or “This is what my body tells me when I’m over extended.” We all have physical symptoms that manifest when we’re not living our life.

There’s also feedback your body gives you when you’re off track and on track. It’s important to know that sometimes that buildup of energy seems like anxiety. But what if it’s actually excitement? What if it’s a signal your body sends you when it’s time to enjoy life?


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