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Meet Rylie Miller, DC

Dr Rylie headshotGrowing up in Lexington, South Carolina, Dr. Rylie’s mother regularly took her to a chiropractor.

“I didn’t have any pain, any symptoms, or any recurring illness. She just wanted me to get under care to be as healthy as possible.”

With regular visits to the chiropractic office, Rylie experienced a community dedicated to healthy living, influencing her desire to embody that lifestyle.

Educational Pursuits and Dedication to Chiropractic

Carrying this commitment into adulthood, Rylie earned a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from the College of Charleston and became a certified yoga instructor. Despite the changes in academic focus during college, chiropractic remained a constant passion. She applied to chiropractic school even before completing her undergraduate studies and started her chiropractic journey in 2020.

Dr. Rylie graduated from Sherman College of Chiropractic in December 2023, earning her Doctor of Chiropractic.

Intrigued by NetworkSpinal® Care

As Dr. Rylie delved into her chiropractic education, she discovered NetworkSpinal®l care. Introduced by friends, she joined the NetworkSpinal club on campus, finding resonance with its principles. Waiting eagerly to attend seminars, Dr. Rylie embraced the NetworkSpinal approach and became an active club member.

Joining the Practice Team

The transition to Intrinsic Care Chiropractic here in Ohio was serendipitous. Guided by Dr. Brooke Jaakola, a friend from the Network club, Dr. Rylie learned about job opportunities at our office. With family ties in Ohio, she jumped at the opportunity to join the team.

Outside the Practice Pursuits

Dr. Rylie enjoys cooking and meal prepping, leisure reading, working out at the gym, and practicing yoga in her spare time.

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