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How Natural Chiropractic Care Can Tame Tension in Kids

little girl on computerMost people think of stress in terms of external factors like no money to pay bills, job issues, etc. Not many think about the stress our children face daily. Expectations in schools have skyrocketed, making obtaining high grades necessary to move forward in life.

Homework can take kids hours, leaving little time to rest, when they actually need more sleep than an adult. Test scores are important, but colleges now want more well-rounded students, so extracurricular activities must be added to the mix.

Chess club, debate club, acting club, music-based clubs, foreign language clubs—the number of options can be overwhelming. If sports are added to the picture, kids are expected to excel, and if there’s any indication of a real talent, the pressure to obtain a scholarship based on their skill can be immense.

We’re pushing them harder physically than ever; no wonder kids are so stressed!

The Issue With Tech

Some children are introduced to technology early by watching videos on a parent’s phone or tablet. To use the device, they lean forward and down, putting the head into a forward position, which is not good for the body. “Tech neck” causes issues with the neck and shoulders, and increases the risk of developing headaches.

We also see increases in anxiety and depression, and a decrease in breathing capacity, which could lead to asthma, all resulting from forward head posture.

Monitoring Stress

At our practice, we do brain scans to look at brain activity and how it’s functioning. It’s especially important to chart brain development for children over the age of 4. Our doctor looks for signs that the part of the brain that allows self-regulation and soothing, navigating pain and emotions, and actual learning, is properly developing.

When there’s this massive amount of stress on kids, they’re on overload from day one. Our job is to help them release their stress naturally and holistically, so they can be happier and healthier. We not only reset the stress pattern, we help their brain learn how to handle their stressors proactively, so they respond better.

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Worried your child is suffering from unrelieved stress? Let’s discuss how we can get rid of some of their burdens and reduce the feeling of overwhelm. Call today for more information.

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