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How Network Can Help with Inflammation and Depression

man working with neck painDid you know that depression is actually an inflammatory condition? Recent research has demonstrated that when your body is overwhelmed by stress, it creates inflammation, which can lead to mood disorders like depression.

As inflammation is behind a lot of pain and organ dysfunctions, it’s essential to help the body regulate it to improve physical, physiological, and psychological health. That’s where Network chiropractic care comes in.

When your nervous system gets caught in a chronic stress state, your body puts up inflammation to armor you up against potential injury, which is a short-term strategy. However, it is a crappy long-term strategy that can lead to mood disorders, among other things. So instead of treating symptoms, it is essential to find out why your body is getting inflamed and address it.

The Role of Network Chiropractic in Regulating Inflammation

Network chiropractic care addresses the root of the problem by assisting your nervous system’s healthy functions and regulating its ability to adapt to stress. This type of care achieves this by identifying the presence of an interference causing a lack of proper coordination. Network chiropractic care can help regulate the body’s ability to manage inflammation and reduce inflammation’s side effects, such as mood disorders like depression.

Chronic stress is the leading cause of civilization distortion in your nervous system, and it is linked to depression. Care in our practice can help your body regulate its stress response to reduce the risk of developing a mood disorder like depression. Network may also have beneficial side effects like improved mood, better sleep, and decreased anxiety.

Find Out How We Can Help

Inflammation and depression are two health issues that are intricately linked. It’s essential to address the root of the problem to improve your physical, physiological, and psychological health. Network chiropractic care offers an effective method to regulate the body’s ability to manage inflammation and reduce the chances of developing mood disorders.

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