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How You Can Become the Gift That Keeps on Giving

grandma and granddaughter smilingDid you know that the healthier you get, the more the higher part of your brain wakes up? We think our brain is only in our head. The reality is you have three real brains: one in your head, one in your back, and one in your heart.

Two-thirds of the cells in your heart are brain cells. Incredibly, there are over forty thousand neurons in the heart alone that deal with regulating stress, and your heart is a key moderator of pain because of the way the nerves work. This is why emotional challenges can have such an impact on us.

According to the HeartMath Institute, which has done many studies on the intrinsic nerve system of the heart, within the heartbeat is encoded your particular emotional state.

Your Emotional State Shapes Your Heart Rate

That emotional rhythm that shows up in your heart rate will also be revealed in EEG brain scans. Even more astoundingly, the rhythm will show up in the brain activity of other people within 6-9 feet of you! Your heart rate broadcasts your particular emotion—how you feel, what’s happening, your state of well-being.

Making an Impact on Those Around You

Your heart broadcasts your level of well-being in a way that makes an impact on how the brain operates in everyone around you. The healthier you are, the more you make a positive impact on everyone near you. That’s because the brain regulates your entire body as well as stress. When you broadcast a healthy state, you naturally help everyone around you also begin to synchronize to that healthy state. The reality is you can walk into a room and make it a better place.

I love the notion that your life is your prayer. The healthier you get, the more that prayer comes true.

– Dr. Matthew

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During our AWAKEN the Extraordinary class, which will be held at the practice on February 27th, at 6:30 pm, we’re diving into those aspects of your health and well-being, and will show you how to do exercises specifically that help activate those higher states. You can become the gift that keeps on giving. You will learn Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) skills for the rhythms of AWAKEN (Stages 8-12).

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