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Is Chiropractic Care Safe During Pregnancy?

pregnant woman adjustmentWe’ve cared for many pregnant women at our clinic, ranging from those in their late teens-early 20s to the surprise pregnancies in their 40s, when they thought they were done. Regardless of age, chiropractic is a safe and necessary method of care for our moms-to-be.

We approach care for a pregnant woman differently, because with all the hormones flooding her body, her tissues are softer, more pliable. One of the challenges is not so much actually being stuck, it’s that they’re actually too mobile! We help their body learn how to better stabilize as they grow.

The Power of Life

During pregnancy, the power of life works within the woman. Helping that force generate new life by supporting the mom’s body with gentle, precise adjustments is one of the things we love about chiropractic. We use different techniques, including Webster, that help with proper muscle function, and make the necessary hormonal changes to adapt.

We have special pregnancy supports on the table, so Mom can still relax, face down, as her body changes and the baby grows. Ensuring her pelvis, hips, back, and sacrum are in alignment provides the baby with room to move and position themselves properly.

The Earlier the Better

At Intrinsic Care Chiropractic, we recommend starting care in the preconception phase, so your body and brain are functioning optimally. Then you’re positioned to conceive and have the best experience during all four trimesters. Women are healthier, which also sets the baby up for optimal development before coming into this world.

Starting in the first trimester is a wake-up call to get your health in order now! We’ve got enough time to get things turned around before the big day, so you have the best overall experience.

Chiropractic is recommended sooner rather than later during pregnancy, but every woman
can benefit from this special care. And after your baby arrives, continuing care during this “fourth trimester” helps your body adjust to its new normal and experience optimal health.

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Safe and natural chiropractic care can help you have a healthier, happier pregnancy and easier birth. Call today to schedule your first visit.

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