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Low Force Adjustments Can Yield High Level Benefits for Kids

child being adjustedOne of the concerns parents have about chiropractic adjustment is whether it will harm their child. At Intrinsic Care Chiropractic, our doctors are especially gentle with our littlest patients. We make every effort to keep them comfortable during their visit with us. There’s no twisting, cracking, or popping, just the slightest “boop” in the right place to get results.

A child’s nervous system is constantly growing and changing, which makes adjustment easier. There are no long-standing issues that need to be addressed, and the pressure is less than what you use on a touchscreen. It’s the same pressure used to judge the ripeness of a tomato, or touch a baby’s eyelid. If you’ve ever gently touched the tip of a baby’s nose that’s about the same as our gentle boop!

Growing and Adapting

As your child grows, their nervous system grows with them, and begins to stabilize into its permanent shape. Regular checkups ensure that any misalignments are corrected before they become cemented into place. It’s much easier to correct an issue when young than wait until the spine is fully developed, problems and all.

Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells, all functioning individually, like a huge community, each doing its own part and communicating with the others. A community like that doesn’t require force, it requires a gentle, precise input. A little boop wakes up the system, so it can finish the adjusting process on its own. Once it learns how to better adapt to stress, your child will need fewer visits to our clinic.

The human body was designed to be resilient against the big things. So the more you push it, the more it pushes back. It’s the little things that either can build up as stress and wear us down, or help set us free. An early, gentle boop just works better.

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