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Essentials for Your Extraordinary Results

One of my favorite questions from people is, “What can I do to get the best possible result?”

First, you need to understand what will mess up your results, and then what you CAN do to get the best results!

Do’s and Don’ts

DON’T unsubscribe from the Intrinsic email list, send the emails to your Spam folder, or leave them unopened! Thousands of people like you who have received care at Intrinsic since 2006 have experienced their best results utilizing the information and exercises in these emails, between their office visits. The same thing will happen for you! There’s a ton of science and research backing up the principles and activities you’re receiving. Some of them are actually fun, too!

DO consider these emails and exercises as important as your visits to the office. They are absolutely an essential part of your care! Set up whatever reminders you need to access the emails, experience the information, and explore the processes. Rest assured, it won’t take up much of your time, and it will dramatically accelerate the time it takes you to get well! If for whatever reason, you are NOT in a place in your life where you’re ready, willing, or able to watch these videos, integrate the information into your life, and practice the exercises, that’s perfectly all right. You can simply pause your care at this time and start it again when you’re ready to follow the prescribed program.

DON’T manually twist your own neck. That will only mess you up on so many levels. I know how the spine and nerve system works, and even I can’t adjust myself. I’ve tried, and it got messy fast!

DO watch the video exercises and use them daily! You’ll be receiving some great exercises to help free up your nerves, muscles, spine, and more. You may already have a set of tools and activities that you love to use to enhance your health, like yoga, meditation, energy work, or one of the countless awesome things out there. In order to get your best outcome, PLEASE, PLEASE, take a “Beginner’s mind” approach, add the tools you receive in the emails and use them faithfully. Once you see the results you can have with the process that’s been created for you, you’re really going to like it.

DON’T use more than one pillow at night! DON’T sit with your wallet in a back pocket! DON’T sling your backpack over one shoulder or carry your purse on a single shoulder. When you do those things, you’re creating the opposite effect of an adjustment, and you will keep throwing your spine out of alignment. That’s just a mess.

DO put your wallet in your front pocket. If you have a purse, get a long strap to crossover. Make sure your backpack weighs less than 10% of your body weight. More than that is damaging to your spine!

DON’T Mix your Network care at Intrinsic with other forms of chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage, or energy work, during your initial immersion phase, UNLESS your Intrinsic chiropractor recommends it. Your progress and the effectiveness of your care are always being assessed at every office visit. The nature of your adjustments is based on what happens to your progress between visits. So just for the time being, please pause any other kind of care so you and I can determine what’s working and what’s not. Your care is a TEACH-TO-FISH approach vs a GIVE-A-FISH approach. Your body will be learning how to self-correct on the inside. Please give it the chance to do so. Your cooperation in this is very much appreciated!

Lastly: From the consent form to which you agreed

This form of care is NOT suggested for those individuals who wish to remove a symptom or condition without the occurrence of other fundamental changes in their lives. The care in this office often promotes significant changes in health choices, lifestyle, experience of the body-mind, emotion, and consciousness.

DON’T expect to go back to the exact same life you had before you started Network Spinal Care. Most likely the way you lived life before you started care is WHY you’re in care today! Some changes are necessary to get really healthy and stay that way!

DO be present with your body and its experience…

  • Your breath
  • Your posture
  • Your sensations
Because your body will ALWAYS give you feedback about what’s working for you and what’s not. Your body will tell you that YOU need to stop hurting yourself and to start getting really healthy.

12 Stages of Healing

The book “The 12 Stages of Healing” answers the most commonly-asked question Network chiropractors hear: “Doc, I’m feeling this… is it normal?” When you read the book, it will walk you through the 12 classic kinds of experiences that are totally NORMAL as you heal. If it’s in that book, it’s normal and healthy!

So, the first process you’re going to see is all about relaxing the nerves of your body, so they can start talking to your brain again and get the healing process started! It’s literally amazing how much help you’ll receive from this exercise, so in the next video, attached to this email, you’ll see how it’s done.

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