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“Normal” Depends on What Season You’re In!

You are likely at one of those moments where things are about to shift to another level of care. Your nerve system is building up energy to make a bigger “gear shift” than ever before. So this is another moment when you may be wondering, Is this NORMAL?

What is “Normal”? “Normal” body temperature is 98.6. “Normal” blood pressure is 120/80. You’ve probably gotten used to thinking that “normal” for health is to match certain metrics and measurements perfectly. If you aspire to that standard of measurement, to that “normal”, then you can also have the normal health of the average US citizen, which ranks 72nd out of 191 countries. So, for the time being, let’s forget about that “normal” and seek a better one!

Let’s think of “normal” in terms of energy. When the temperature is at -40F, it is totally normal for water to be solid ice. When the temperature is 90F, it is normal for water to be liquid, a nice hot shower. When the temperature is 260F, it is totally normal for water to be steam. What’s normal for water changes depending on how much energy is available!

What is Normal?

Regarding your health and well-being, in order to graduate to a better level of “normal” also takes energy. When you’re low on energy, you get solid, sticky, and inflexible. When you can handle moderate energy, you become flexible, resilient, and dynamic. When there’s a lot of available energy, you can flow with anything and have fun, too! Sustaining a new level of energy requires changes in your structure, your behaviors, and your perceptions. In addition to your spinal care, you need to take advantage of the “Attitude adjustments” provided in this series!
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There are different rhythms in your life, each of vital importance when it’s called for. It’s best to think of them as “Seasons”. In Winter there’s lower energy (less heat), in Spring and Fall there’s moderate energy, and in Summer there’s tons of energy. Like the Seasons in nature , you may enjoy some of the seasons in your life and health more than others. It’s important to realize that each one serves a vital purpose.When your body, health, and life are in the “Season of Discover”, “normal” means seeking “less”. You conserve energy, and you don’t know what you don’t know. When you’re in this season, you naturally avoid pain, discomfort, and stress. You disconnect until you finally discover that trying to avoid pain, discomfort and stress has created another whole mess in the process! Limping to avoid a hurt foot can throw off your neck and back. Taking medication to treat one problem can have side effects that lead to other problems. Not dealing with a painful relationship can create other stress-related illnesses! In this season, you get to learn how to connect to what’s happening and how to experience it instead of avoiding it. So, you get to make friends with your body and your emotions, and through this you discover what’s working and what’s not working.FYI that’s what you’ve been learning about until recently. This is the “season” when most people seek healthcare. By this point, hopefully you’ve been discovering some things and have reached the threshold of the next season: Transform!

Time to Transform

When your season changes to Transform, your health calls for massive, courageous action to create something better without delay! That’s what’s “normal” in Transform! You get to shift focus. “Normal” here is to seek “more”. You can never get what you want by focusing on what you DON’T want! You’ve reached a point where “NOW” is the time for you to make that healthy choice. In this season, anything less than authenticity and progress is literally painful. The symptoms you have been experiencing may be your body’s way of encouraging you to make these changes.
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When you choose to lean into whatever challenges once seemed to hold you back, you will transform them into “teachers”, showing you how you can get to be healthier than ever. Remember, health comes from a word meaning “whole”. Healing is becoming more whole, so in this season, you can choose to become the best version of yourself and claim a higher standard for life! That’s why this season begins with the full-bodied experience of “ENOUGH OF THIS” and claiming more! At whatever level you are, there’s always more available! This redefines your experience of “Stress”, so that it becomes a healthy “fuel source”, as well. Check out the attached “bonus” video from Dr. McGonigal about how to take this to another whole level! You are invited to partner with Intrinsic Care to make the most of this Season!At the beginning of this Stage, most people say, “Yes, let’s go!” Occasionally someone will declare at this shift, “Doc, I’m not that kind of person. I’m happy as I am. Do I really have to make changes?” It’s totally understandable why some people feel this way.There’s a part of everyone, when push comes to shove, that would rather not rock the boat. It’s tempting to just keep things the way they were in your previous Season. When I moved to Ohio from Florida, it took quite a few colds for me to finally discover that it was unhealthy to wear shorts every day in Ohio. I had to change my wardrobe!

As with the seasons in nature, your body, health, and life will experience ALL seasons. As you receive care at Intrinsic Care, you can be sure that you will have the body, spine, and skills to navigate all of the seasons. Otherwise it’s like wearing a parka in summer or a bikini in winter. You’ll get sick, if you’re dressing for the wrong season. You know that trying to negotiate with the weather to be a different season before it’s time never works. Dig deep, check in, and get real about when it’s honestly time to raise the bar. Be aware when the way you’ve been living no longer works. Enough of this! It’s time to move forward! Once you reach this point, there is literally no ceiling on the results available to you!

There’s also a time when your health’s “Season” calls for experiences, actions, and a spine coherent with gratitude, joy, acceptance, blessing, expansion, profound depth, humility, and awe. You can celebrate the gift of being alive and share that gift with others!

This is the Season of Transform

That’s what you have available in Beyond Wellness Care, once you graduate from your Initial Immersion Phase of Care. You’re getting really good at both Discover and Transform, and that’s important because a whole lot of your life happens in those Seasons. So, you can’t just skip over them if you want to get really healthy and stay that way! Your choices make a huge impact! You CAN claim the life you want, rather than allowing poor health to define your life! So, if you choose, welcome to Transform!


Bonus Video: Dr. McGonigal “How to Make Stress Your Friend”

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