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Module 15:
What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Healthier!

At this Stage, it is very classic that you’ve had a few bouts of “retracing”.

This is a common occurrence when you’re healing and transforming a chronic condition into “fuel” for an amazing life. Your nerve system is disentangling how this subluxation pattern, this “Phase”, has been completely wound through your body structure, your neural behavior and body function, and your perceptions. As it disentangles all of this, you may be reminded of some old “stuff” that you haven’t experienced in quite a while. This is your body’s way of repairing, healing, and upgrading things that hadn’t been addressed while you were at a lower level of health!

Now that your brain and body have upgraded communication, your nerve system will constantly seek to improve your level of health, including your physical, mental, and social well-being. It will be working on the areas that need an upgrade! This is Transform at its finest. Your nerve system literally has your back and is helping you move forward!

Bonus Healing Secrets

With that said, by this stage, there may be a part of you that’s itching to go even faster! You feel like you’re totally ready to resolve things once and for all and blast off into the next level of your health and well-being! You’re a man or woman with a plan, and you’re ready to rock and roll! This is one of the most exciting “Gear shifts” in your healing adventure, because it’s when your nerve system fully commits to healing and growth mode, So, here are some bonus ‘healing secrets” that can support you in getting the MOST from any moment of retracing! You can have the truth of the old saying, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Let’s explore a metaphor that will tie together a lot of the concepts you’ve heard up until now, so that they seem a little more “real”. Healing and life are like tending a garden. A garden requires three things, really: soil, seeds, and sunlight. If you’ve ever had a garden, you know that you can’t just throw some seeds in your lawn. The stuff you throw out there likely won’t take root. And if it does, it will still get choked out by the weeds and grass. So before you can plant seeds, you’ve got to take care of the soil. You’ve got to weed the earth so there’s no competition for resources. You’ve got to till the earth so that the seeds can take root and get water. You’ve got to take care of the soil, because the health of the soil determines what seeds can even begin to take root!

Then you’ve got to actually plant the seeds!

If You Don’t Plant Seeds, Nature Will Plant Weeds

If you don’t choose to plant seeds, you just have a well-tilled patch of dirt, great soil, no crop. Heck, if you don’t plant seeds, nature will CONTINUE to plant the weeds she’s already been planting! You might get lucky and have some “volunteers” from last season’s crops show up, and that’s a crap shoot! So you’ve got to choose what to plant and continue to care for those plants. You’ve got to plant some seeds! While you can till the soil and plant the seeds, you can’t control the sunshine or the rain. The weather has a mind of its own. Luck and grace always play a role in any garden. You do what you can, and we accept that God and nature will play their part. So you’re grateful for the right mix of sunshine and rain that make your garden bloom!

How does this relate to healing and retracing? For starters, when it’s time to take care of the soil, your baseline physical health and its ability to adapt to stress, you’re in the Season of Discovery. There’s a time and a place to realize that nothing will work, that nothing you plant will take root, until you take care of your soil, your body. When it’s time to choose, plant, and cultivate the seeds, which will generate the fruits of physical, mental, and social health, you’re in the Season of Transform. There’s a time and place to accept the weather, the sunshine, the rain, all of that which is beyond your control and makes the world go round. It’s time to celebrate the fruits of your garden. You’re in the Season of Awaken, which is then followed by preparing the soil for next year’s garden, which will be even better than this year’s garden! This is the arc of healing.

There is a time and a place for all of these. Know your Season so that you’re caring for the garden of your health accordingly!

Retracing: What’s Really Happening?

With that in mind, let’s come back to retracing and how it can help you get better results faster! When stuff comes up for you, a familiar pain, an echo of a prior symptom, an emotion you haven’t felt in years, it can point you toward the Season that has some additional “fuel” to support your healing adventure! Remember: your body is smart! It always gives you feedback toward what will help you in your health and your life.

You’re taking what you explored in your “Pain” Module to another level. At the end of that Module, you heard about “The 4 Voices of Pain” and how over time you’ll discover how painful or uncomfortable experiences will reveal what they need! Remember: the four voices of pain are the pain of avoiding pain, the pain of not being able to manage, the pain of not making progress, and the pain of not knowing the gift. You’re healthy enough now to know how to use each form of pain as specific feedback! So let’s go deeper.

When a challenge arises, you may want to ignore it completely! “I’m fine, it will go away. I’m living the dream!” You may get really annoyed by it. “I just don’t have time for this! How dare this come up again! It’s awful!” Those are the pain of avoiding! If this comes up in retracing, your body is showing you that your soil needs some attention right now. It’s super-important for you to do some “touch-up work” in Discover to better connect to your body and emotions, to re-energize them! Stages 1, 2, & 3 are your best friends. Sometimes you may get overwhelmed. Slow down, listen to what your body needs from you. A moment of patience will recharge your progress much faster than burning out and breaking down again!
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Sometimes something will come up for you that’s just plain stressful. “Great, now I have to deal with this, too! Where will I find time and energy to do this AND everything else? I can’t do it all!” That’s the pain of managing! That reveals that the season of Transform needs some “touch-up work”! Usually, you have this experience come up when you’ve taken our “eyes off of the prize”, so to speak. You’re weeding your garden without planting seeds. You’ve gotten caught up in “doing the work” and forgotten that the work is there to get you an outcome! When you’ve forget your “More”, you default to your baseline “stress” mode. So with this kind of pain retracing, your body is your coach, telling you to stop going through the motions and get back in the game! When you do this, you’ll be amazed how much more energy you have and how easy it is to see what really matters! So you’ll do more in less time, and also start doing only what matters! Stages 3-5 will help you with this process.

Sometimes something will come up for you, that seems intractable as though nothing will the edge off, and you can’t manage anymore. It feels like you’ve been stopped dead in your tracks, that you’re not able to move forward on what matters. Heck, you’re wondering if what you thought mattered really mattered. That’s intense pain! That’s the pain of not making progress, another sign of needing Transform on a higher level. You’ve been planting a garden, you’ve been in the game, but whose garden is this really? You’ve been planting the things you were supposed to, you’ve been moving toward what you were supposed to, following the rules, but it’s not YOUR garden! You won’t like eating these fruits! Maybe it was “you” once, and it’s not authentic for who you are now. It’s time to plant different seeds.

That’s why, when these experiences come up, they’re more intense than the previous forms of pain. They can guide you toward a far higher level of health than ever before! It’s time to get real with determined curiosity. Who am I NOW? What impact am I here to make? Stages 5-7 will help you with this process.

When All Else Fails…Fill Up and Be Grateful

Sometimes a pain, a symptom, or an experience will arrive that feels existential, and really bad. You feel like nothing really matters. It’s not one of the previous pains, and it’s the most intense kind of pain. None of the material fruits of your labors seem to matter. This pain reflects a need for the Season of Awaken, of receiving the gift. You’ve forgotten to receive the gift and be grateful. You’ve forgotten that you’ve given a gift to the “plants” through cultivating them, and to be grateful for that opportunity to be of service. You’ve forgotten what really matters, and that it’s time to fill up your heart and be grateful.

There’s a parable that sums this up: An old man is walking down a beach after a storm, and he sees thousands of starfish washed up on the beach. They will die in the sunlight unless they can get back into the water, so the old man starts throwing them back in one at a time. A young man walks by and sees him involved in this futile task. He says, “Old man, why are you wasting your time? It doesn’t matter. You can’t make a difference by doing this!” The old man picks up a starfish, tosses it back into the sea, and says to the young man, “It made a difference to that one.” The young man joins him.

At this stage of healing, you’re ready to make the most out of whatever experience comes up, for your body to give you guidance as to what will best serve your health and your life. Thanks for playing full out! Today you’ll experience an exercise to support your healing momentum. It’s time for Stage 6!

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