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You Have No Limits!  What More Is Possible for You?

This module is about your Physical State, Mental/Emotional State, Stress Evaluation, Life Enjoyment, Overall Quality of Life, Function, Emotion, Sense of Self, Behavior, and Consciousness.

By now, you’ve likely been experiencing some pretty cool changes in your physical health, in your mental and emotional feelings, in how you’re affected by stress, and hopefully, in how much you enjoy your life! Maybe your changes have been in one or two of those domains, and maybe it’s been in all of the above. In any case, it’s common for people to share how, when they look back, it’s hard to believe they used to feel any other way than they do right now, which is awesome. Rest assured that if you’re not fully at that stage yet, you’re on the right track! Don’t give up! Keep going!

Physical, Emotional, and Mental Improvements

You’re receiving this encouragement from a doctor who has cared for tens of thousands of people and from the results of other practitioners doing the same work, who have cared for even MORE people! One of the biggest ever studies in “Alternative and Complementary Health Care”, which is really just health care, was about the very approach you’re experiencing now, Network Chiropractic! The study found that over the course of receiving care, people just like you experienced improvements in physical health and more! They also experienced a significant level of improvement in their mental/emotional health, in how they were affected by stress, in their level of life enjoyment, and in their quality of life! The people who received the best results were the ones who noticed changes in their breath and experienced a “wave” on the table.
Aren’t you glad that you’ve been practicing those breath and body awareness exercises you’ve been receiving in this series of Modules?

The study found that people’s results had different levels, depending on time and their participation in awareness. A pretty good level of results happened within 1-3 months. A markedly better level of results happened within 6-9 months. Here’s the coolest part, so you might want to lean a little closer to the screen so that you don’t miss it. How ready are you for this? There is no “ceiling” to the improvements you can experience!! After 6-9 months in care twice a week, people like you started jumping up to another level of results. As good as the results had been up until then, it had been like a “warm-up” for what was coming, and this level of results kept increasing over the next few years!

You Are Your Greatest Limit

You truly have no limits on how much healthier you can be! There isn’t a point where you’ve “maxed out”. When you’re playing full out, you can go as far as you want to go! You can keep getting better physically, mental-emotionally, in your response to stress, in your life enjoyment, and in your quality of life! So keep your eyes on the prize, keep playing full out, and keep checking in about what “MORE” really matters to you as you continue to heal and grow! Sure, you’ll have “bad days”. That’s part of life, just like Winter happens every year. And, as you heard last time, even those days are just feedback from your body that sometimes you’ve got to go slow to go fast, to get to your next level of health and well-being!

So, now is a great time to celebrate the results you’ve had, see where there’s still room to grow, and start exploring what you’re ready to experience in your next level of health and life. More than ever before, you’re ready to bring it to life!

This week’s exercise goes deeper into the Stage 6 level of Healing, and how your body and mind can be ready to graduate to your next level! You’re ready!

Check out the health care research study for yourself.