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Letting Go is EASY to Do…Now!

Release, discharge, and resolution is a natural, automatic process. You take it for granted! How often have you had a good sneeze, thrown up, had a really good bowel movement, or cried? Your body knows how to release built-up tension to help you get healthy and feel better! Heck, there are some things you do with other people to build up a lot of tension, so that you can release it together and feel amazing! When it’s the right time and place, you naturally release what no longer serves you. It’s something to which you look forward and for which you are ready!

Perceptions, Behaviors, and Structures

Sometimes your body develops symptoms as a way of purging what no longer works, and this is TOTALLY normal at the end of the Season of Transform. As a recap, the Season of Discover begins with feeling disconnected and overwhelmed. It ends with a more “be-with-it-ness” than before, and peacefully waiting, knowing that there is more, it’s not time yet, and it will be soon. The Season of Transform begins with “ENOUGH OF THIS”, drawing a line in the sand, separating your old ways of being totally, coherently stuck, and claiming MORE!

This Season ends with perceptions, behaviors, and structures that are coherent with a new way of being , a higher level of health, and the resolution of that which no longer serves. You literally outgrow what doesn’t serve you anymore. So, you’ll naturally lose a taste for foods you once liked, start detoxing, stop smoking, develop a fever to clean out the bugs, or just scream at the top of your lungs until something is finally DONE. You’ll feel amazing afterward, like there’s a space available that it may seem like has never been there before, a real freedom and peace.

One of my early network chiropractors, Dr. Peter Fisk, told me that in a year I might find myself with the same symptoms again, be experiencing the same life challenges again, and that I wouldn’t care. He explained how, at that moment, I would be free. At the Stage I was in, that sounded strange.

Isn’t the point of all of this to get rid of my problems?” I asked myself.

What I and so many others know now from experience is that he was speaking about developing absolute trust in the sovereignty of your own healing process. The difference between Stage 1 and Stage 7 is that in Stage 1, you’re a victim of your experience. In Stage 7, you’re an observer of your process, and you know that this deep release only happens when your nerve system is strong enough and flexible enough to complete it and recover from it. You discover that it only happens when you are healed enough and whole enough to finally be DONE.

Better Out Than In

There can be no health without resolving your lack of wholeness. While discharging outdated aspects of your body, biochemistry, emotions, beliefs, diet, habits, or other ways of being that no longer serve you can be uncomfortable, it is empowering and natural. There is a saying, “When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I grew up, I put away childish things.
What a relief that this is a normal part of your healing!

Said way more simply, for some things in your health and our life, “Better out than in!” Sometimes things are a little chaotic and messy and seem out of control to everyone else in the world, and it’s exactly the way you need it be, to finish this long overdue job of becoming WHOLE. You can deal with whatever comes up in the moment, and by this stage you are really good at asking for help and knowing when you need it! You know that the best “help” is finding those people and things that help you move through the process, that work with you and your body to move you forward on your journey! As a poet once said, “The way out is through,” and thank God for that, because you come through the process stronger, healthier, more alive and energized, and more YOU than ever before!

You are invited to read carefully and attentively through the chapter on Stage 7 in “The 12 Stages of Healing”. If this Stage sounds like where you are right now, awesome! That’s what you’ll be hearing this week! Trust in the sovereignty of your healing process! If it sounds to you like you would benefit more from a prior Stage in the healing process, then that’s awesome! You and your body are working together to make sure that your healing adventure is truly YOURS. When the time and place are right, resolution will naturally happen! Remember: “If you can’t be in the Stage you want, love the Stage you’re in!”

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