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So, How Are Your Spine and Your Nerve System Connected?

Each of us lives our life through our nerve system. Everything you feel, smell, taste, touch, see, and intuit is felt through your nerve system. Your ability to move, do, heal, fight off infection, think, and create is expressed through your nerve system. It’s fair to say that there isn’t any part of you that isn’t connected through your nerve system.

Your heart beats, your stomach digests food, your body heals wounds, illnesses, and disease, your emotions feel, and so much more vital functions are carried out, thanks to this seemingly magical system.

The medical textbook, Grey’s Anatomy, defines the purpose of your nerve system as control and coordination of every part of you, and as helping you adapt to stress. This is fine and good when your body is healthy. When there’s a distortion in your nerve system or in your spine (which is the armor designed to protect your nerves and keep them safe), it distorts your ability to feel the world – it shifts your senses. You feel more of some things and less of others.

A distortion in your nerve system or in your spine also affects your brain’s ability to act or react properly. It shifts how your brain runs your body, your posture, your immune system, your emotions, your digestion, your reactions, and more. Some things overreact, and some things underreact.

A Shift You Can’t Feel

You may not feel the shift when it’s happening, because it may also change how your brain works. There are many segments of your brain. One is the “human brain”, which controls awareness, high quality choices, healthy empathy, creating new possibilities, and more. Another part is your “reptile brain”, which is the survival and stress brain. You need both of these segments working together as a team.

When there’s a distortion (known as a “subluxation”) in your nerve system or spine, the most common first side-effect is your body moving into stress mode. Your brain puts the lizard in charge. The result is a communication breakdown between the human and the lizard. The human brain may not know that the lizard brain is driving the car. Or it may not be able to get it to stop. So the lizard brain stays in charge. This gets messy. Your health starts to go downhill, and your life can start to get messy, too!

What causes this? That’s a good question! All the stuff that brought you to Intrinsic Care – physical damage, stress damage, or chemical damage is a direct result of what’s been going on in your nerve system over a long period of time.

How does receiving care at Intrinsic help you change your health? That’s an even better question! Fortunately, that’s EXACTLY the first thing you are assessed for! That’s why rather than snap, crackle, and pop your spine at this stage, you’re receiving gentle touch, specifically in the areas of your spine (your cervical spine, your sacrum, and your coccyx) where the spinal cord – the “Tail of the Lizard” – attaches. The care you’re receiving adjusts your NERVES! When the nerve system “wakes up” in this way and gets the lizard and human working together again, you can heal quickly, easily, and sustainably!

That’s ALSO why your exercises are about body awareness and connecting to your somato-sensory system, feeling your body from a place of safety. That’s the way you start taming the lizard.

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