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It’s a Process, Not an Event!

When considering rhythms in healing, life’s seasons, and ebbs and flows in your health, questions will often occur to you like, “Am I going back?” “Am I regressing?” “Am I well?” “Am I completely healed?” “What’s next?”

Experiencing symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re sick, and a lack of symptoms doesn’t mean that you’re well! You’ll be receiving a re-examination shortly that will show you exactly where you are in your health journey and will probably result in the conclusion of your current level of care. You’ll be graduating to the next, even-more-exciting level.

Most people feel a lot better in their first few weeks of care, and then their spines gear up for the next stage of changes that come with healing. And often things begin to go up and down:
  • They’re feeling certain symptoms again. “Oh, no! It’s baaaaaaaaaaack!!!”
  • They’re feeling different symptoms and sensations than the ones they started with.

“This part of my body was fine and now it’s not!”

If you’re experiencing something similar to these sensations, don’t freak out! First of all, breathe. You’re right on track! All of this: healing, body awareness, discovery, transformation, awakening, the whole “human” shebang, isn’t a destination at which you’re supposed to arrive. It’s not an event that happens to you or is achieved. It’s a process that continues and grows over time. Often at this stage, as your body shifts gears from breakdown toward healing, there is more energy available. It’s enough energy to shift beyond your reptile brain’s “survival” mode and to allow you to start assessing what’s actually going on!

Perhaps you’ve had a warning light go on in your car, ignored it for a while, hoping it would go away. Then you had a big road trip coming up, so you finally went to get it checked out, and you discovered that there was a LOT more going on than you thought. Yeah, the same thing may be going on for you in your body. It’s really normal at this stage!

Your body is in the process of discovery. It’s self-assessing ALL of your parts (now that it can find them) and seeing what’s working and what needs work. Your body knows that you’re listening now… so it’s going to be sharing more and more!

Tiny Shifts = Big Changes

Here’s an example from flight science that you can relate to. “For each one degree an airplane veers off course, it misses its target destination by one mile for every 60 miles in flight.” If that tiny shift is left uncorrected, it completely changes your destination. You may crash into the ocean or a mountain rather than landing safely at an airport. “All airplanes are off course 99% of the time. The purpose and role of the pilot and the avionics is to continually bring the plane back on course, so that it arrives on schedule at its destination.” Healing and life, like flying an airplane, are processes that takes time and day-by-day course corrections. So, please trust in the process. Your body is on your side. Learning the process can help you develop trust in your body’s cues and wisdom.

One of the most supportive things you can do, outside of getting your spine assessed and adjusted and practicing your video exercises, is to study the book “The 12 Stages of Healing”. It’s a “road map” for your healing process. You’ll discover all the stages through which your body and your life will pass on your journey to optimal health, and you’ll learn what will show up in your body and in your life in each stage. With practice, you will fully perceive and comprehend the signs indicating your current position in your journey, and you’ll be able to make the course corrections necessary to receive the most benefit from the Stage you’re in.

Your exercise this week is one that will help your body and your nerve system handle changes,  take the charge off of “triggers”, and do a better job of course correction. It’s super-helpful in enabling you to stop the things around from throwing off your progress.  In fact, when you practice this, you’ll accelerate your progress!

If you can’t be in the Stage you want, love the one you’re in!”
Donny Epstein


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