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What You Can’t Feel Can Hurt You, And It Can Help You!

Up to this point, you’ve learned a LOT about somatic awareness and how vital it is in your healing process. Yes, the evidence demonstrates that when you’re in relationship with your body, your breath movement and your sensations, you get the best results on the table and off the table! Being in close relationship with your body is vitally important! There’s also a lot happening behind the scenes that, frankly, no one can feel, and that’s a great thing!

Your rational mind can process up to 40 bits of information per second. Your subconscious mind (your bodymind) can process 40,000 bit of info per second! So, something can be “off kilter” in your body, and you don’t know it for days, weeks, months, or most commonly, years.

For example, Jim Fixx, the developer of jogging, was symptomatically a “healthy” man, and he died of a heart attack at age 52. He wasn’t healthy up to the moment of his death! He was sick “behind the scenes”. What he didn’t feel, did hurt him.

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Hidden Symptoms

Many of the most damaging aspects of what happens through your spine and nerve system is asymptomatic – meaning you DON’T feel it as it affects your function, creating the tiny changes that, over time, lead to massive breakdown. What you don’t feel, can hurt you.

Consider another example. A study found evidence that 90% of newborn babies have a misalignment of the first cervical, or neck, vertebra from the physical pressures of simply being born! This distortion forms the literal “Backbone” of their growth, development, and experience of life. They don’t feel it, but it affects them.

On the positive side, you can start eating broccoli and exercising, and you might not feel much different day by day. And then, when you get a blood panel done and see how your blood pressure and blood sugar have improved, how you’ve improved your body-mass index, and more, you realize that positive changes have indeed been taking place. Over time, you’ll look back and notice how much better your mood has become, how much more flexibility you’ve developed, and how much stronger you are. And day by day, you really didn’t notice anything changing or experience any improvement you could feel. Nothing. What you don’t feel can help you!

The little things build up day by day to create your future. Whether you feel good or bad, it’s your daily habits and rhythms that determine the body and life you’ll have! So, don’t just exercise “when you feel like it”. Sure, you might have a different set of exercises for days when you have different energy levels. Listen to the feedback from your body, AND make sure to do SOMETHING each day.

The little things, like a gentle and precise adjustment to your spine and nerve system, have an impact on systems you cannot feel and yet are essential to produce a healthy, happy, and whole YOU. What you can’t feel can help you!

While you’re engaging in this process, there are things happening that you’re NOT aware of that are working in your favor. What you can’t feel can hurt you AND help you! Many of the biggest impacts you receive from getting healthier through chiropractic care, are the things you DON’T notice. There are negative health conditions you DON’T develop now. There are changes taking place in your body chemistry, immune function, and so on, that are occurring behind the scenes. That’s why your care is based on your function, rather than how you feel, although you and I care about how you feel. Health is a state of 100% FUNCTION. Dis-ease is less than 100% function.

In full disclosure, if you consciously felt EVERYTHING, you would blow a neurological fuse. Trying to squeeze 40,000 bits of information through a system designed for 40 wouldn’t be healthy. In fact, certain distortions to your nerve system occur when you’re overloaded with more energy and information than your nerve system can process!

It’s vital for your conscious mind and your bodymind to be in relationship with each other, rather than the conscious mind RUNNING the bodymind! Each gets to do its part, and they get to work together, an entrained rhythm, synchronized and whole. What you CAN feel and what you CAN’T feel are both working together.

At your upcoming re-exam, as in your initial exam, your current state of health is measured with instrumentation so you and I can see the function of things you normally can’t feel. The instrumentation brings to light what’s happening “behind the scenes” The questionnaire you are asked to complete is designed to track the kinds of experience your conscious mind WILL normally become more aware of as you heal at different stages! That makes it possible to be sure that your body AND mind are on the same page as you get healthier and healthier!

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