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I’m So Stuck!

At this stage, you may be feeling really stuck, and if so, that’s great! Has your doctor lost his mind? Well, perhaps…not about this, though.

You may not realize how much your experience of life is hijacked by the shape, position, tension, and tone of your spine, because the things that have happened in your life have become how you’ve distorted your body. Now, the lens through which you’re seeing the world is some distorted hodge-podge of conflicting stress responses. It’s like having three different radio stations playing at once and nothing’s really clear.

You’re just living your life with the level of adaptability and resourcefulness that you can. As a result, you get sick, display symptoms, and suffer, without knowing it can be any better. As my wife Carrie might say, “You WISH you were stuck – that would be two Stages healthier than you are!”

Gaining Awareness

When you’re fully aware of how stuck you are on every level, in your structure, your behaviors, and in how you see the world (your perceptions), you SHOULD be really frustrated, and what you’re experiencing is actually a sign of major progress. You are fully and amazingly stuck! Well done!

When your nerve system is sick, it’s suffering, like a deer in the headlights frozen and unable to respond. It’s disconnected and overwhelmed. Your nerve system may even be so disconnected that it’s lost its connection to your brain, and you don’t know you’re disconnected. That’s Stage 1.

As your nerve system gets healthier, you tend to become reactive and go into polarities. What you’re feeling is not good, it’s bad. The underlying cause of your feelings is bad. The process that makes these feelings go away is good. That’s Stage 2! This is WAY better than frozen in the headlights, because at least now you have enough health to react to change. Still there’s more work to do. You don’t want to stop at this Stage, even though it’s a step forward!

During Stage 2, you become aware of how the pain, problems, or circumstances keep coming up in patterns. You connect these to particular events. Hmmm, you’ve seen this before. Eventually, you heal more, and you recognize a pattern and laugh. “OMG it’s me! I’m the one who’s stuck!” That’s Stage 3! You’re stuck in a limited range of experience! “This is the fifth girl I’ve dated who’s like this!” “This is the third job I’ve left for the same reason!” You’re “subluxated”, attracting the same experiences because that’s the range of experiences you can adapt to!

It’s tricky, because you can be doing great in some areas and be stuck in others. Until you really get that you’re stuck in a particular area, you won’t be ready to move to the next stage yet. Stage 4 is where you say to yourself, “Enough. I deserve more than this. I take my power back.” To really get this transition, to really shift from “stuck” to “strong”, you need “fuel” from your stuck-ness to move forward. “Fuel” is when you learn how to leverage your stuck-ness in order to make changes. It becomes “fuel on the fire” to ensure that you make necessary changes, rather than being the reason why you can’t do it! What ignites your fuel? When you fully, emotionally associate with how stuck you are, without falling into suffering, blame, avoidance, justification, analysis, or rationalization. When you can just experience how stuck you’ve been, how stuck you continue to be, and marvel a little at how thoroughly you’re stuck in this way of being, feeling, living, or seeing the world, you’ll experience a peacefulness in your life that’s quite incredible. Your nerve system starts to shift gears, and you transition from running away from what’s uncomfortable, to moving toward health, vitality, passion, authenticity, trust, and creation of your life. It’s an awesome transition!

Filling Your Tank

At the end of being stuck, you’re still stuck, and you know that it’s productive stuck-ness! It’s filling up your tank with enough fuel for the next level of your journey, which is about to begin!

Dr. Donny Epstein, developer of Network Chiropractic says, “Don’t take down a fence until you know why it’s there.”

When your nerve system and spine are gearing up to make some overdue changes, blast off into a new level of health, and make it sustainable, there’s a “pause” period. This period can feel frustrating as heck, because you want to move forward as of yesterday. These are the times when your nerve system is organizing the changes in your body, your physiology, your biochemistry, your emotions, and your thoughts. This is the process that will allow you to SUSTAIN this next level of health. So you feel stuck every time you try to do, feel, or hold yourself in a way that no longer works! You feel stuck when you’re trying to move toward something super-good that you’re not yet ready to sustain!

It’s like having your leg in a cast and wanting to go running really badly… and you can’t yet. Your healing isn’t quite complete. It’s what’s called “peaceful waiting”. If you had a broken leg, you would never give up on being able to run again! If you gave up, it would be time to revisit Stage 1. Instead, you would know that it’s just not time to go running yet. You would fill your time doing what you could do during that time. You’d prepare for the time when you could run again by doing what you CAN do now.

Patience is Key

Every process requires time, and the development of active PATIENCE is essential in your healing process. Being stuck is an opportunity to check in and make sure that you’re not leaving any part of yourself behind. Make sure that you haven’t overlooked anything! Allow yourself the chance to discover what’s been working, and what has not. When it’s time to move forward, you’ll be traveling down a better road than ever before. Getting stuck can be your greatest opportunity to check in and change course toward the health and life you choose!


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