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Check the Health of Your Spine During a Free Screening

upper back pain spine“The story of a person’s life is written on the page of their body. We have to read the book, so we know if it needs edits,” said Dr. Matthew. At Intrinsic Care Chiropractic, one of the ways we “read the book” is through tools like a digital spinal analysis.

Just like a car out of alignment will result in uneven tire wear, a misaligned spine will shift your posture-driving your body in an unbalanced way. To ensure your nervous system is functioning optimally, we invite you to attend our Free Spine Check Day on Saturday, July 22, at Intrinsic Care Chiropractic.

Here’s what’s included:

Digital Scan & Posture Check

Our practice features a Spinal Analysis Machine (SAM), which is used to digitally scan the structure of the spine, looking for functional anomalies—to see how your body is holding up under stress. We also perform a postural analysis. The SAM also has a bilateral weight scale, which allows us to look at just weight distribution.

“Most people don’t get that if something’s off-kilter in their nervous system-where their nervous system is driving their body in an imbalanced way-they will not only shift the posture, but actually put more weight into one side of it. So it will actually grind down that side faster,” said Dr. Matthew.

By taking a preventative approach through a screening, we can identify if the alignment of your spine is off and correct it before it wears down.

Hands-on Assessment

The screening also includes palpation or a hands-on assessment. While a person is being screened, one of the chiropractors will be palpating and taking notes on what they’re feeling structurally. The doctor will have a quick conversation to link what we’re seeing in the spine with that.

Book Your Time

Don’t miss this opportunity to check your spinal health. We have slots available from 9 am to 11 am. Call (614) 396-6945 today to reserve your time!
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