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Join Us for Our TRANSFORM Workshop-From Stress to Strength

happy-woman-with-arms-out-in-mountains-sq-400 (2)Job-related tension. Family struggles. Global chaos. Clearly there’s no shortage of stress, which is experienced by many people in abundance. So what do we do with it? Most of the time, we ignore it, pretend it’s not there, and that everything is fine. That approach is harmful to your health—both physically and mentally.

Harness Your Stress

Steering clear of stress isn’t a solution, and it only makes it worse. Instead, we should harness it. “Your body was designed to grow stronger from stress, when the nervous system is healthy. Both your body and mind were designed to learn and become more capable, more compassionate, and more fulfilled—from stress—provided the nervous system is healthy,” said Dr. Matthew.

Take that first step to harnessing stress by joining us for the following:

Our SRI workshop, Transform: From Stress to Strength, will be held on Monday, July 17th at 6:30 pm at the practice.

Discover how to turn stress into a more resilient body and sharper mind, how to step beyond your limits into the unknown of transformation, and how to outgrow your problems and resolve the need to rebuild them.

You will learn Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) skills for the rhythms of TRANSFORM (Stages 4-7).

Learn how to engage with your body, mind, and nervous system to shift from feeling overwhelmed by stress to being energized and strengthened. Transform stress into something more beneficial. The workshop combines valuable information and practical techniques.

“When our practice members show up to this workshop, they’re the ones who turn it on. It’s like the scales tip for them and they get the best possible results. They’re the ones getting the best results in their body, in their emotions, and in how they handle stress. They get the best results in their life and enjoy their lives more,” said Dr. Matthew.

Reserve Your Space Today

As spaces are limited for this event, click here to RSVP, or by calling (614) 396-6945!

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