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So What's the Big Idea?

woman arms raised background treesMany people start the New Year with the best intentions, making resolutions to improve their health, raise activity levels, learn new things, and more. Sadly, most of these ideas fall by the wayside before the month is over.

Our class, “The Big Idea: How Does This Work?“, lets people off the hook—it’s not your fault! Most of us live so overwhelm during the holidays, our nervous system can’t make good decisions. Dr. Matthew calls it, “drinking from the fire hose of stress” and, with so much going on, it literally changes the function of the brain.

Understanding Your Brain

Dr. Matthew refers to the two parts of the brain as “Einstein” and “The Iguana.” Einstein is the front of the brain that makes good decisions, well-informed choices, learns from mistakes, makes plans for the future, and figures out how to implement them.

The Iguana is your brain stem, the survival center of the body. When you get overwhelmed, this area makes your hands get cold, your skin clammy, and the brain gets hyper-focused. It’s doing what it can to keep you alive. So when you introduce change, the Iguana takes over and keeps you doing what you’ve always done.

Finding New Strategies

Not being able to keep your resolutions is not just resistance to change. Most of us don’t make good choices, from a neurological perspective. Since most focus on getting rid of something, that has the same effect on the brain as stress—so long Einstein, hello Iguana.

This workshop will help you create higher quality resolutions to help you resolve all the stuff you don’t like, as you achieve your goals.

Focusing on Outcomes

The Big Idea uses chiropractic to get the best possible outcomes for you, whether that looks like physical health, emotional well-being, or just enjoying your life. Join us at the practice on January 12, 2023, at 6:30 pm, and learn how to get the changes you want. Sign up today!

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