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Step Beyond Your Limits Into Resilience—It's Time to TRANSFORM!

excited lady working outThe Big Idea focuses on the mental part of better health, but sometimes we need to adjust above the Atlas to get people thinking differently, or they’ll just keep doing the same thing. TRANSFORM Resilience: SRI 4-7, focuses on supporting physical function, which may affect your mental intelligence.

When Your Body Doesn’t Listen

Many of us have had the experience of wanting to do something and being hampered by physical limitations. Distortions, or subluxations, in the way your spine and body habitually function, keep hijacking and blocking you, preventing you from moving forward.

Our class helps build a bridge between your brain and body, to find where you’ve been stuck; the physical part keeping your brain in the old pattern, and stops it from altering your behavior.

Once we find where the physical anchors into your body, we transform it from a limitation to a source of strength, knowing that the best way to resolve a chronic problem is to outgrow it until the body has no more need for it.

Giving You Tools to Succeed

You’ll learn the tools to use your body to make breakthroughs in your health and life, follow through on resolutions, create something better than before, and basically outgrow the stuff that had you stuck.

Dr. Matthew says this is his favorite workshop, because he gets to watch all the changes people go through. From living with stuck patterns in bodies, tension, indigestion, anxiety, etc., to watching them make new choices, feeling more inspired, and determined to create a better life, and face challenges with more courage and curiosity. It’s like night and day, seeing how much someone’s life can change with a small tweak in their body.

Getting the Right Signals

Your body is your greatest source of feedback and the best coach. It may be telling you to relax, or get up and do something new. We’ll help you figure it out. Sign up for this important class on January 23, 2023 at 6:30 pm here at the practice. We look forward to seeing you!

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